29 April 2008

Who's your grand-daddy? Or daddy, for that matter?

How crazy is this story? A father holds his daughter -- his own flesh and blood (!) -- captive in a soundproof room in the cellar, with an electronically keyed door (like the ones at work) that weighs, oh, about 700 lbs!!!! And, he rapes her repeatedly, siring seven children WITH HIS DAUGHTER, HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!!!!! If the captivity wasn't enough, Josef threw in a little incest to keep it real, yo. (My hands are shaking as I type this; I'm so angry and appalled and aghast)

Those crazy Austrians. I realize this is only the second story coming out of Austria about someone essentially abducted and held captive against their will, then escaping. However, my greater gut (and my gut is great, if not in fame or stature in just mere size alone, but I digress) tells me this is two too many.

Austrian authorities say "they do not believe that there is anything darker or more rotten here in Austria than in any other country." Really? Austria doesn't bear anything dark or more rotten or more sinister or more evil? Wasn't Hitler Austrian? I rest my case.

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