08 February 2008

Gauley Baby!

This is a short clip of the last Class V rapid we hit on the Gauley River in West Virginia. I believe that last rapid was called Sweets Falls. We got caught in Box Canyon. I blame Gabe.

I was there for Gauley Season 2007. Me. Uncle Ron. Mike. Gabe, the evil one who wanted me launched from the raft. The church dudes from Cincinnati, OH.

Gauley River:

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I'm in the rear of the raft, along its left-hand side. Yellow helmet. Yellow so they can identify my lifeless body floating downriver when I get dumped from the raft in the middle of a hit on a class V.

Luckily that didn't happen.

There's always next year....

Thanks to Rivermen -- we'll see you at Gauley Season later this year.

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