25 March 2005

Jay Mariotti really IS an idiot

The media. Grrr. The media. They are fickle. They are indecisive. They waffle. Sometimes they smell like waffles. But this guy is just killing me. Notorious for not supporting the local sports contingent, any sports team in Chicago regardless of sport or prestige, he experiences an epiphany with the Fighting Illini basketball team? His exact words, “Never, ever doubt them. They will make you look dumb.” Just three weeks before, this idiot was calling the Illini a bunch of crying babies, how they melted down, were confused, how they “wobbled,” that they were not a “perfect team.” “Hogwash,” I say. Bollocks. And, now, he’s calling the Illini “America’s Team.” and, now, he's on the Illini Nation bandwagon? That’s right, bitch, they ARE America’s Team, regardless of what you write about them. The constant criticism of their game, and all the Illini can do is post “W’s”? Well, guess what, Mr. Moron-otti, the Illini just made YOU look dumb.

Okay, I'm done now. Whew. Anyone have some beta-blockers or an AED I can borrow?


Your Nurse Practitioner Sister said...

Okay... so, I have no idea what you're talking about, but what pharmacy do you want me to call in your Valium and Propanolol to?

frp0511 said...

Can you get me some Valium? I think Sue probably needs it more than me!